Economic Suicide

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“This Global Monetary System is in the Midst of an Economic Suicide.”

We are SUFFERING and SUFFOCATING from the debt we know we cannot pay. While many of us have been responsible with our finances. But it’s still NOT ENOUGH!  We are working multiple jobs just to make ends meet, while trying to figure out how to feed our families and acquire the remaining bare necessities.

We are in or extremely close to repossession status of our cars, homes, and other hard assets. Our debt crisis is negatively impacting the relationships with our spouses, children, and other family members and friends.  All the while, we are pretending to others that we are fine and have it all.  When in fact they are not fine and don’t have anything.  And it seems as if nobody cares. But you are not alone!

We are in the midst of a huge wealth transfer, but there are consistent manufactured distractions taking place that unable one to see it. But I’m here to pull the veil back so we can all have the opportunity to partake in this wealth transfer, while the unprepared and unaware will suffer severely.

Our VIP membership helps you understand…

1. What/Where is the wealth
2. How to access the wealth
3. How to grow your wealth
4. How to maintain your wealth

It is vital for the mind to be renewed and focused on learning how the current financial system truly works.

I was born specifically for this very moment in time, to assist God’s people with this wealth (knowledge and monetary) transfer. This is my purpose to help God’s people! Unfortunately there is only a small window of time to take FULL ADVANTAGE of this wealth transfer! It is written “That my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”  But I’m here to give you the Gospel about the monetary system and how to thrive during and after the transition.

Take note “Life is not fair to those who are not aware!” by Michelle Renee