Will cryptocurrency survive?

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The emphatic answer is yes! The cryptocurrency space continues to survive and show resilience, as more investors and governments adopt the technology in droves. However, the crypto world is full of surprises and very volatile, which scares a lot of investors. With that being said, this new asset class is not to be ignored. So make sure to keep learning and get involved..even with just a few dollars.

Below are some things we can look forward to in 2019.

Securities Token Offerings or STOs are beginning to become more mainstream. Most coins currently on the market represent utility tokens. STOs will event another sub-class of cryptocurrency, providing investors with ownership in the underlying company. Learn more about STOs

Bakkt Exchange launch. This new exchange and custody service will catapult more mainstream adoption and safety and security to institutional and large investors. Read more

Bitcoin and Litecoin Halving coming soon. The Litecoin halving is anticipated in August of 2019 and Bitcoin in May of 2020. As these dates approach, investors get very bullish and we normally see a rise in price as well. So keep a close eye in April and May of this year.

When will Bitcoin reach $20,000 per coin again?

We do not make price predictions, and we are looking at cryptocurrency as a long-term investment. However, if there was ever a time to invest in this technology, many seasoned investors claim that 2019 is the year to buy.

When should I sell?

Researched has shown – it is important to have a sell strategy in place prior to the euphoria that happens in the markets. A good example would be to sell 50% of your holdings once you have achieved a 100% return on investment or once you have doubled your money. You can be more or less aggressive depending on your personal goals and timeframe.